We’re rebranding! ​

Boomy Health is now Clearwater Benefits Administrators.​

Clearwater Benefits Administrators performs administrative services for health plans such as billing, plan design, claims processing, record keeping, and regulatory compliance activities. We decided to create this administration company to ensure a seamless experience from buying a plan through our brokerage arm, Clearwater Health, all the way through using – and loving – your plan.

We realized using the Boomy brand name after purchasing a plan has been confusing for many members, and has not always delivered the seamless experience we hoped for. So, we’re switching the name to Clearwater Benefits Administrators and continuing on our mission to take unbelievably good care of our members.

How does this affect you?

Where you used to see Boomy Health, you will now instead see Clearwater Benefits Administrators. It’s still us, just with a different logo. Your health plan has not changed.

If you have an Advanced + ClearShare, Basic + ClearShare, or HSA + ClearShare plan, and you have an ID card with a Boomy Health logo on it, you can continue to use this ID card.

If you have a Major Medical Copay 3500, Major Medical Copay 4500, Major Medical Copay 8000, Major Medical HSA 5000, or Major Medical MVP plan, you have a new claims address and payer ID as of August 1. This is information your provider uses to send us medical bills for payment. You will need to update this information with your healthcare provider. Log in to your Health Wallet app to access your updated digital ID cards. Updated physical ID cards were mailed to you in mid-August.